Medisyn3 Health insurance program

Hospitalization coverage 


Our main concern at Generali is to help our clients living more calmly, adopting a healthy lifestyle, putting prevention into their life and addressing safely any health problems that may arise.


Medisyn3 Health insurance program is aimed at you who choose to protect your health comprehensively, ensuring your access to diagnostic tests, medical visits and, if necessary, hospitalization in any reputable hospital around the world.

Facilities during hospitalization

Cost coverage: 100% in Greece and other European countries, 80% in the rest of the world.

Select the maximum annual limit of hospitalization coverage either €1,500,000, €600,000, €200,000

Select the amount of your participation in the hospitalization expenses (deductible amount); either 500€ (which will become zero if a social security fund participates as well), 3,000€, 5,000€, 9,000€, 12,000€ and 15,000€.

Guaranteed nursing position and full coverage in the intensive care unit.

Doctors' fees: Full coverage.

Direct costs payment by Generali , to the contracted hospitals in Greece and hospital network abroad.

In case of hospitalization in the network of hospitals abroad we also undertake:

  •  Managing the incident.
  •  Health transport to and from the hospital in inability to move.
  •  Transportation and overnight stay of a relative.
  •  The provision of an interpreter.

Additional benefits and services if you are hospitalized in the specially contracted hospitals.

Full coverage of the expense of an exclusive nurse or escort.

Surgical allowance : The allowance is given and determined according to the characterization of the surgery. See here the Surgery Gravity Table.

Daily hospital allowance.

Additional financial support for emergency hospitalization abroad.

Coverage of congenital diseases.

Out-of-hospital facilities

  • Expenses before or after hospitalization.
  • Endoscopic and invasive operations without hospitalization.
  • Second medical opinion.
  • Rehabilitation and rehabilitation costs as well as psychological support after serious incidents.
  • Emergency transport by the most appropriate means in the event of an emergency.
  • Travel assistance in Greece and abroad, in case of an emergency.
  • 24-hour Health Line.

Health Insurance Benefits

Take care of your health by making use of the Health Benefits we offer you in collaboration with diagnostic centers, hospitals and clinics that provide high quality medical services.

Health Benefits are offered to all of you who own either individual or group hospital programs of Generali, at no extra cost.



Optional benefits

For more complete coverage, the Medisyn 3 programme can be enriched by adding additional benefits such as:

  • Primary Care
  • Accident package
  • Premium repayment capital in cases of permanent incapacity by accident or illness