Manage report

Our goal is the management of your announcement to not exceed 2 working days from the time of filing the accident report.
For reports concerning areas outside Attica or Thessaloniki, it might take longer to register the declaration due to the mailing of the supporting documents.


Claim management and compensation

Our goal is to complete the expert opinion within 3 working days after the last visit and to compensate you within 2 working days after receiving the supporting documents.


What if you are not responsible for the accident and want to be compensated by your Insurance Company

We submit the third question of acceptance of liability of its insured to the insurance company, if the insured participates in the Friendly Arrangement System.
In case of a positive response, we immediately proceed with your compensation process. Otherwise, we contact you in order to contact the insurance company of the responsible to be compensated.
In case the insurance company of the third party does not participate in the Friendly Settlement System, we will inform you in order to contact this company for your compensation.