I want to report a claim - Home

Call 210 7268 000 or 801 111 222 333 and tell us about the claim. Alternatively, you can send:

• A fax to 210 726 8832

• An email to nonmotorclaims@generali.gr

In the event of damage to your insured home, we will compensate you at replacement value (new-for-old value) without any deductions for age, deterioration or use.

It offers Emergency Technical Assistance services in order to repair or reduce damage that may be caused to your insured home or business. In the event of damage for all emergency and regular services, please contact call center on 210 9484162, 24 hours a day, 365 a year, and give us the following details either on the phone or by fax: a) Insurance Policy Number / Full Name / Corporate Name of Insured Business b) Full address of insured home / business c) The technical assistance service you require d) A telephone number.