Yacht insurance

Safety in the sea


You, sea-lovers, know very well that in order to really enjoy a journey, it must be accompanied by a feeling of safety and security. Even if you know everything about your favorite boat, you cannot ignore the risks that may threaten the boat and you as an owner. This is why we address now owners of pleasure boats offering insurance for boats of various categories, such as sailing boats, engine-driven boats and power boats.



Third Party Liability

Bodily injuries, Material damage, Sea pollution according to Law 4256/14

Third Party Liability and Hull & Machinery according to IYC 1/11/85


Optional coverage  

Perils of the seas

Grounding sinking


Theft of the entire vessel or equipment

Losses caused by contact with dock or harbour equipment or installation and with floating or steady objects


Malicious acts

Lifting or hauling out of vessel

Salvage charges


Eathquake volcanic eruption or lightning

Skipper chartered

Transit cl 122

Skiers liabilities

Racing risks extension for S/Y